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Outdoor Furniture

Redland Koi and Pond builds outdoor furniture and decks to complement your fish pond in South Florida.

We import Koi from Japan's best breeders and can help build Koi ponds.

Outdoor Furniture for Ponds

Redland Koi and Pond manufactures outdoor furniture to complement your Koi pond. We specialize in deck building, furniture and carpentry works.

Tell us about your project! Our experts will design and build your pond, and even manufacture your outdoor furniture to fit in the environment. Give us a call today for an estimate!

Outdoor furniture that complements your Koi pond

Outdoor Furniture   Doral
Outdoor Furniture   Doral

Outdoor Structure for Ponds

Be it a deck at the edge of your Koi pond, or a wooden kiosk on top of it, Redland Koi and Pond can build almost any outdoor structure.

Our experienced builders can create the perfect environment for your Nishikigoi. You and your guests can admire your fishes in a comfortable outdoor setting whenever you desire.

The perfect outdoor structure for you and your Koi

Our Wide Selection of Koi:

  • Red Kujaku
  • Kohaku
  • Goromo
  • Kikokuru
  • Hikari
  • Shiro UtsuriĀ 

Hire our team for professional workmanship today.

25600 Sw 147 Ave,

Homestead, FL 33032